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Our Terms and Conditions

The following are our Terms and Conditions for using the information we provide:-

Shopping Offers Alert! is a club for the purpose of providing information to it's members concerning some of the offers available in supermarkets. As such, members must note and accept the following conditions about the service:-
  • We are not an agent for, or in any way connected to, any supermarket or grocery company.
  • We inform people of offers available, but full technical details including statutory data about offers and offer periods are only available from the shops concerned.
  • Not all the offers we list may be available in all stores of the supermarket chain concerned, as some supermarkets chains do not stock all offers in all branches. In particular they may not be available in local "convenience" stores and some town centre branches. Some offers may not be available once stocks run out.
  • While we make every attempt to provide accurate information we are not liable for any errors or omissions made either by ourselves or the supermarkets.
  • Shopping Offers Alert! is operated by Goldwater Systems Ltd, registered in the UK company no 3254886, at the address shown on the Contact Us page.
  • All content on this web site is covered by copyright and may not be copied, forwarded or published by any person in any way except where specifically provided for.

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