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Want to save money? Save maybe 20 to 30 each week - more for large families - by picking up the special offers in each supermarket in your area.

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Housewives, why work part-time for 7 an hour when 10 minutes in one shop could save 20 - that's equivalent to 120 an hour, and not a penny tax to pay on it!
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Cherry-pick the supermarkets, just popping in with our newsletter to pick up their current promotions. Play them at their own game! We tell you what's on special offer, and in which supermarket.

  • no searching the shops - we've done the legwork for you
  • print our list and pop it in your car or your pocket to refer to when shopping
  • non-perishables - buy several when they are cheap
  • food - add variety to your meals with expensive items when they are on offer
  • specify which supermarkets are near you - we send you tailor made notifications

And note:

  • we will NOT release your email address to anyone else (for instance we will not send it to the supermarkets)
  • we will NOT bombard you with mail other than this newsletter you are subscribing for
  • when you join us you can specify which supermarkets are of interest to you, so you don't have to wade through loads of unnecessary information
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